What a Celebration! And the winners are….



Thank you to everyone that came out on February 8, 2017 to celebrate the individuals, programs and services that helps make Genesee County a great place to raise kids!

We would like to congratulate all of the 2017 Children’s Champion Award Recipients.

Healthy and Safe Places for Children and Youth

Genesee County Great Families Great Start Parent Coalition

The Genesee County Great Families Great Start Parent coalition is championshiping the Strengthening Families approach and framework for Genesee County.

The Parent Coalition is currently hosting Strenghening Families Parent Cafes.  Parent Cafess are available to any organization serving familes.  The Parent Coalition comes in to implement the Café and grow the Strengthning Familes Protective Factors which are research-proven to improve outcomes for children and decrease child negect and maltreatment.

All Genesee County famils who engage with the Great Families  Great Familes Great Start Parent Coalition benefit from the support and education about parenting, child development, and social emtional health of their children.

Special Opportunities for Children and Youth

Child Care Network

Child Care Network works hard to support children, families, and childcare providers in Genesee County. As Great Start to Quality resource center, they provide trainings and other opportunities for professional development to childcare providers to increase the quality of the care they provide. Child Care Network supports children and families by helping them access services including DHHS and The Care program for utilities.

The Flint Child Care Network staff is always positive and welcoming, and helpful. The staff is invested in making strong community connections to ensure families success.

Opportunities to Develop Life Skills for Youth

The Jobs for Michigan Graduates Program (JMP)

The Jobs for Michigan Graduates (JMG) program of Mott Community College’s Workforce Development area, in partnership with Jobs for America’s Graduates (JAG) and Genesee, Shiawassee, Thumb Michigan Works, helps young people not only develop life skills but also prepares them for employment through educational and training initiatives. JAG is a nationwide dropout prevention and recovery program for youth.
Following Jobs for Michigan’s Graduates (JMG) model, MCC’s JMG program helps area young people who are at risk of dropping out of high school, or who have already dropped out, graduate and make successful transitions to post-secondary education or meaningful employment. Students enrolled in the program are youth who have barriers to success, including deficiencies in basic skills, transportation, income and economic status. Many are from families with low educational attainment levels.

The programs include a multi-year dropout prevention program or senior year in-school dropout prevention program for students currently in high school, an out-of-school program for students who have left the traditional school system and are aged 16-24, and the LEAP program.

The multi-year, in-school dropout prevention program is offered at both Flint Northwestern High School and Flint Southwestern Academy by two certified teachers from MCC Workforce Development. Designed to enhance the standard school curriculum, the goal of the program is to keep students in school through graduation and assist them work toward enrolling in post-secondary education, training programs or the military.
on in-demand careers, mock interviews, and business etiquette.

JMG/LEAP student Willie Cummings said the JMG- LEAP program has changed his outlook on education. He is currently working toward earning his GED in addition to holding down his first job, working with the Flint Water Works program. Willie is just one of many JMG success stories.


Volunteerism Opportunities for Youth or to Serve Youth

Mott College’s Service Learning Program with Mother Intercession

In the fall of 2013, Mott Community College began a partnership with Motherly Intercession, a longtime Flint area non-profit organization to help improve the lives of children whose parents are, or were, incarcerated.  This program provides students with academic support by giving the children the personal attention they need  to succeed. Over 150 Mott Students have participated in educational projects that Mott has provided through this program

Mott College students and tutors are making a long and short term difference in the lives of children who receive services through Motherly Intercession.  The impact goes both ways, giving the college students and opportunity to make a difference by connecting the classroom to the real world.

Curbco Vocational Education Award

Jackson Bitterman and Noie Burt

Noie is a student at GCI in the Forensic Science Program. She hopes to use what she has learned at GCI to become a police officer. As a police officer, she hopes to influence young women on how a positive outlook and hard work can help you achieve your dreams. She also hopes that she can help educate those youth who may be a crossroads for life on how to choose the right path.

Jackson is enrolled in the Electrical Wiring Program at GCI. He has been selected to serve as a student ambassador through this program to assist incoming/interested students in further understanding the program requirements and offerings.  He is considering future enrollment in either a traditional college/university or attending an apprenticeship program in this field.  Jackson is an outgoing young man that commits himself to all areas he becomes involved in.


Roy E. Peterson Caring Adult Award

Kathleen Haycock

Beyond her teaching preschool, Ms. Kathy is a Lead Parent Educator in our “Parents As Teachers Program. “ She works tirelessly to build this influential program to help parents with their children(s) early development, learning and well-being.  Ms. Kathy knows the value of early education and through this program she helps families connect and acquire essential fundamentals for educational growth and success.

Numerous families of Genesee County, including but not limited to Linden Community School District have benefited from Ms. Kathy’s knowledge, creativity and genuine love for teaching.


Crim Fitness Foundation Active and Healthy Leader Award

Coach Leonard Robinson

Known as “Coach Rob” to everyone that knows him, he has been coaching basketball in Genesee County for over 40 years.  Currently Coach Rob is the coach behind the coach at Beecher High School.

Not only is he a coach for high school but he coaches kids of Genesee County through the Flint Affiliation basketball organization as well.  Coach Rob has played a role in just about every kid that has played basketball in Flint.  He has a drive and commitment to them, not just in their basketball life but in their everyday life as well.  Genesee County is lucky to have him to help guide this young kids from the

James T. Dover Jr. Outstanding Senior Award

Jerry Brown

Mr. Brown shows up every day, all day, as faithfully as an employee, to tutor students, raise funds for student activities and field trips, and help with many family night activities. Mr. Brown has successfully helped to raise funds for two years for 3rd grade students to attend a field trip to Mackinaw to better understand Michigan’s resources and rich past.  When it snows Mr. Brown brings sleds to the school and pushes kids down the hill during their lunch time. I have never seen anyone be so giving of their time for others. He makes a positive impact in the lives of children.

Mr. Brown greatly impacts the lives of Children every day at Elms Road Elementary School by giving of his time and talents.

Bob Emerson Scholarship

Jenna Bearup and Angel Woodruff

Jenna Bearup is a third degree black belt and is on the verge of testing for her Master’s rank.  Jenna not only does Tang Soo Do she is also on the Varsity Bowling team and won the state championship, all while maintaining a 3.8 GPA.

Jenna participates in various community service activities. These acts have become ingrained and is now second nature to her.  Athletics and clubs also play an intricate role in her life.

Our second recipient is Angel Woodruff –

Angel is the Vice President of the Student Council and National Honor Society at Bendle High School. While maintaining a 3.8 GPA she also volunteers with the Bendle Blueberries, Service Learning, and the Links Program.

Angel also assisted Mrs. Lonnie Lane the Special Education Teacher at Bendle High School daily with grades 6-11th students that have cognitive impairments and autisms. Says that she is intelligent and dedicated, during her time at Bendle she also received the Prestigious Leadership Award


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