Priority Children, formerly Priority ’90s, is a nonpartisan, 501(c)3 tax-exempt, nonprofit corporation representing volunteers from business, civic affairs, charitable organizations, education, the faith community, government and health and human services.

Priority Children was born in the late 1980s out of the leadership of Mott Children’s Health Center as a broad-based community coalition comprised of leaders from business, education, health care, human services and charitable organizations with
a charge of mobilizing the broader community to improve the situation for children.

Priority Children, then Priority ’90s, merged with the Flint Roundtable, a community-wide coalition of 60 CEOs from business, labor, education, higher education, government, human services and organizations with a focus on improving educational outcomes.The Roundtable’s “ready-to-learn” agenda provided an appropriate opportunity to bring greater strength and legitimacy to Priority ’90s efforts as a change agent for children and families. The combined boards of the Roundtable and Priority ’90s formally approved the merger on June 27, 1996 and the organization was re-christened Priority ’90s: A Community Roundtable for Genesee County’s Children & Families.

To date, Priority Children continues its track record as a good steward of community resources. Its support comes from generous contributions of individual and organizational memberships and major public and private sponsors.

Priority Children’s value within the community is measured by its various publications, community forums and conferences that highlight important information, data and issues affecting children and families along with its ability to build partnerships, leverage resources and provide a public voice for children from a position of authority and neutrality.