There is no getting around the fact that only air-conditioned rooms can save us from the deathly heat of the summer, and this worsens since the coronavirus has forced everyone to stay at home. This is convenient for families with an air-conditioned house, but a torturous vacation for those who are only equipped with fans in their house.  

The commercial or residential heating and air condition service can provide you the answer. They cater to different demands and that includes air condition installment or offer repair services if your AC gives out.  

If you are stuck in a situation of a broken AC or having none of it at all, there are simple tips that can help you thrive the heat in this summer inside your house or apartment.  

1.Use portable and ceiling fans 

Ceiling and portable fans are common alternatives for AC, and although they do not give out cold air in the room, they give a cold breeze that creates a cooling effect when the breeze touches your skin.  

One tip we can provide is this: place a bowl of ice in front of the fan to create a refreshing and cold mist of air similar to what an AC produces. Another helpful tip if you don’t have some ice is to place the fan across from an open door or open window to create a cross-breeze that effectively lowers the room temperature. 

2.Drink and shower with cold water 

If it is too already hot that even having a fan does not anymore suffice. You can opt for a more traditional alternative: drink icy cold water and/or take a cold shower.  

Drink icy cold water will help you keep rehydrated and prevents heat-related illnesses. You can also place an ice pack on your groin, neck, wrists, and temples to remain cold. On the other hand, having a cold shower does not just lower your body temperature but also improves blood circulation and invigorates the skin. 

3.Place a light bedding 

One of the most uncomfortable feelings in the world is to sleep while you are feeling hot and sweating. This worsens when you have a thick bedding, as you will find yourself tossing and turning all night trying to get cooled and comfortable to be able to sleep. So, to avoid this, you can opt for a lighter bed-sheet and toss away your blanket.  

4.Stay downstairs 

Have you noticed that the upstairs areas are hotter and warmer compared to the downstairs parts of the house? This is because warm air naturally gravitates to a higher area, so it is better to hang out downstairs more often and avoid staying upstairs.  

5.Plant trees and plants  

Plants and trees effectively give shade and cool air to the environment. For instance, a big leafy tree near your house can effectively lower down the hot temperatures as it gives shade against the direct heat of the sun. So, if you have, invest some for planting trees and plants.  

Final thoughts 

While it is true that it has become hotter nowadays, there are many effective ways on how to combat it, and following the tips we gave here will help you thrive under the heat of this summer