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Summer Youth Expo

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Date & Time: May 12, 2016 from 3:00PM – 7:00PM


The Summer Youth Expo helps families with children from birth to college age connect with local
organizations providing free and low-cost summer activities, including arts and music programs, science and
sports camps, job training programs, community service opportunities and much more. Parents and children
are able to learn more about each of the opportunities available, and for some, enroll on site. The ReMix
Connection Fair is an expansion of the Summer Youth Expo connects “opportunity youth” ages 16-24 with
education, housing and other services. This FREE event also has music, bounce houses, snacks and prizes.

However, we want you to know that the Summer Youth Expo and ReMix Connection Fair is so much
more than a one-day family fun event.
The 2016 Summer Youth Expo and ReMix Connection Fair will
provide four very important services in our community:

1) In 2013, we hosted the first Summer Youth Expo based on this premise: Schools provide a safe and
structured learning environment for our youth during the academic year. However, the summer brings a
significant period of time that parents sometimes struggle to fill in order to keep their children active,
engaged and safe. Many summer programming opportunities exist, but they have often been challenging for
families to access.

The first goal of the Summer Youth Expo is to provide a single point of entry for many of these
community activities by bringing them all together on the same day at the same time under one roof.

2) In 2014, we added a Provider Reception to the Summer Youth Expo. Priority Children believes that
convening organizations that share our mission of improving the quality of life for children and families is
key to best utilizing and leveraging existing community resources. Therefore, in the hours prior to the
Summer Youth Expo, we host the Provider Reception to encourage the participating organizations to
network and share resources with each other.

The second goal of the Summer Youth Expo is to create more connections within the provider network
so that organizations are better able to partner with each other and deliver services.

3) In 2015, we expanded the focus of Summer Youth Expo to include a ReMix Connection Fair that provides
a direct connection to resources in our community that serve young people most at risk of dropping out of
school or not graduating. There are an estimated 9,500+ “disconnected” or “opportunity” youth ages 16-24
in Genesee County.

Disconnected youth are at high risk for a number of negative long-term outcomes such as prolonged
unemployment, difficulty getting and keeping a job, lower lifetime expectancy, lack of health insurance,
homelessness and involvement with the juvenile or adult justice systems. Resources available at the Summer
Youth Expo ReMix Connection Fair include homeless services coordinators, representatives from various
alternative education and credit recovery programs, job training programs such as Job Corps as well as our
other supportive services to personally attend to any of the needs that a young person may be facing due to
disconnection with school.

Our hope is by working with these young people in May and having a system in place for answering
questions and connecting to resources following the event we will be able to establish a plan that will allow
them to do what is necessary over the summer to be prepared when school resumes in September. Youth
will be able to keep in contact with staff at ReMix Genesee in the months following the ReMix Connection
Fair. ReMix Genesee provides a virtual resource center as well as virtual and face-to-face case management
to support these young people in their reconnection to the service, programs and supports that will assist
them on the path to successful entry into adulthood.

The third goal of the Summer Youth Expo is to increase awareness and utilization of services for
young people 16-24 years who are without a high school diploma or GED. We also want to maintain
an ongoing point of contact for young people 16-24 through ReMix Genesee.

4) In 2016, we hope to enhance the ReMix Connection Fair by adding a job fair to the event offerings. Many
youth ages 16-24 who attended in 2015 were specifically looking for employment opportunities and we want
to help fill this need.

The fourth goal of the Summer Youth Expo is to host a job fair for youth ages 16-24.

Through the Summer Youth Expo, we have introduced hundreds of families to readily available services and
programs for children, thus creating a platform for existing local resources to be better utilized by the
community. Last year, over 1,000 parents and kids explored structured summer offerings and the 250
individuals representing 102 organizations/programs were able to network and share resources. The
response from attendees was amazingly positive. 96% of participants agreed that the information gathered at
the Expo would help them plan activities for the summer, most of which they would not have known about
otherwise. 97% said they would return if the event was offered again!

The Summer Youth Expo brings organizations offering summer programming together in one location to remove barriers that parents face in accessing summer options for their children.