Are you an Artist? Would you like a chance to win a $1000 Scholarship?

Priority Children is  very excited to announce a new scholarship opportunity for our students in Genesee County! This year we have created an art scholarship for the creative minds! We are opening this opportunity to all Juniors and Seniors in Genesee County High Schools and Alternative Schools.

The theme is around social media, and sustainable energy.  Social media has become an important tool for communication with our younger generations.  Their is SnapChat, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and Facebook, and that is just to name a few.  Youth are also very active and concerned with global warming, sustainable energy and recycling.  We at Priority Children  are interested in how they can bring them together in an art form.

Please open form to see what the qualifications and the criteria for the project, as well as the submission form.

The artwork is going to be used for center pieces for the table.  We would love to have each school district enter a piece of art work, and then we will have a final group that will be on display for judging at the breakfast on February 8, 2017 and will announce the winner at the 22nd Annual Children’s Champion Breakfast.

priority-children-2017-art-prize-submission-form-page-001 priority-children-art-prize-2017-page-001 priority-children-art-prize-2017-page-002

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