Working Mom Survival Guide: 4 Essential Tips to Make Life Easier

When you are a mother, taking care of your children becomes more difficult than it seems, especially when you have household chores to do. This worsens when you are a working mom. You do not have enough time to do the things you want to do because you will be kept busy with different things to do.  

Of course, availing for services such as home cleaning is a great option to clean your house, as they provide you convenience, more time, and more efficient results.  

As a mom too, I resonate with this, so in this article, I will be showing you some helpful tips on how to make your life easier especially when you are a working mom.  

1. Sometimes you just need to give in to the mess 

You cannot multitask all the time, and there are things that you cannot do. You might be seeing movies depicting moms as superheroes, but the truth is, you are just human; you get tired and you also have to rest. The reality is when you ate busy with work, children, and family, there will be times your house will just be a mess; accept that rather being so anxious and frustrated about it. Clean the kitchen and bathroom to keep the rodents and roaches away, but you need to accept that books and clothes will pile up.  

2. Keep a list of things that need to be done 

When you are busy and you have so many things to do, there is a tendency that you will forget some of them as you will get preoccupied with things. So, it is important that you keep a list to keep track of what you already have done and the things you still need to do. Writing also improves memory retention so if you lose the list, there are more chances that you will remember some things you have listed there. 

3. Ask for some professional help 

Of you can afford to hire some professional service to clean your home, we suggest that you let them do the tasks rather than frustrating yourself by thinking about the mess while not being able to do anything about it. The good news is, professional cleaning services are actually affordable contrary to what most people believe. You can always afford a cleaning service whenever you want to. 

4. Be always present 

The most important thing is to remember that work and other things will never equal the importance of being a mother. No matter how busy you are, learn to give time to your children and family as they are the very reasons why you are working in the first place. Do not waste time spending your weekends with other things like cleaning, and go out with your family and children more often to have fun with them.  

Final thoughts 

Being a mother while working at the same time is never easy. There are many things to remember and to do. However, you need to understand that there will always be ways to balance everything out; being a productive worker and a responsible mother.  

Why is regular maintenance important for Vehicles?

Your car serves you well: from going to work, doing some errands, or going to places in an emergency situation – almost every time you need a ride. And it is also fitting to serve them with proper and regular maintenance. Fortunately, there are several services for an auto repairwhich you can guarantee legitimate, effective, and provides an excellent-quality output that your vehicle clearly deserves. 

The following points explain the importance of having a regular and proper car maintenance and/or cleaning: 

1.It increases safety when using the vehicle 

When you have regular maintenance, you are constantly checking the issues that your car might have, and thus preventing them from worsening due that negligence can create. Also, leaning your car regularly avoids paint damage that can worsen when neglected. The same thing also applies to your wheels and other engines.  

2.It makes your vehicle perform better 

Alongside with more safety trip on the road is a better-performing car when you do regular maintenance and cleaning. When you do have regular cleaning and repair, you will get more stable steering, better tire traction, and more reliable engine starts. Maintenance also regularly conditions your vehicle for better performance.  

3.It saves you more time 

By staying on top of the maintenance schedule, you are preventing your car from issues that could hinder your trip to some important events. Also, if you get too unlucky, you might need to deal with a repair for several days or a few weeks, which can cause great inconvenience especially when you heavily rely on your car to get you to different places like work, school, etc.  

4.It is cost-effective 

Many car owners would tell us that maintenance, especially when you hire services, can be costly and may not be necessary. However, contrary to this, maintenance especially done by experts and professionals in the field can save you a lot of money. The money you spend on hiring professional technicians and/or cleaners are more of an investment rather than a mere expense. This is because by avoiding further damages, conditioning your car for better performance, more efficient trips to important events, you are actually preventing more repair costs and other expenses.  

5.It increases car value 

When your car is well-maintained, it increases the value as it maintains the appearance and quality of your engine and car in general. This is very helpful especially when you are planning on selling your car in the future for an upgrade. Who would want to purchase a car with less functionality and fewer aesthetics?  

6.Lowers fuel needs 

When your car has issues and damages, it uses more fuel as it over-exhausts your engine and your vehicle in general, thus consuming more fuel and inducing more costs on your side. However, with regular maintenance, you can prevent this from happening by fixing small issues immediately and avoiding serious damage.  

Final thoughts 

There are still many reasons why you need to have a regular maintenance of your vehicle and we were just able to mention a few. So, make sure you provide regular maintenance that your car clearly deserves. 

How to Keep Cool in This Summer

There is no getting around the fact that only air-conditioned rooms can save us from the deathly heat of the summer, and this worsens since the coronavirus has forced everyone to stay at home. This is convenient for families with an air-conditioned house, but a torturous vacation for those who are only equipped with fans in their house.  

The commercial or residential heating and air condition service can provide you the answer. They cater to different demands and that includes air condition installment or offer repair services if your AC gives out.  

If you are stuck in a situation of a broken AC or having none of it at all, there are simple tips that can help you thrive the heat in this summer inside your house or apartment.  

1.Use portable and ceiling fans 

Ceiling and portable fans are common alternatives for AC, and although they do not give out cold air in the room, they give a cold breeze that creates a cooling effect when the breeze touches your skin.  

One tip we can provide is this: place a bowl of ice in front of the fan to create a refreshing and cold mist of air similar to what an AC produces. Another helpful tip if you don’t have some ice is to place the fan across from an open door or open window to create a cross-breeze that effectively lowers the room temperature. 

2.Drink and shower with cold water 

If it is too already hot that even having a fan does not anymore suffice. You can opt for a more traditional alternative: drink icy cold water and/or take a cold shower.  

Drink icy cold water will help you keep rehydrated and prevents heat-related illnesses. You can also place an ice pack on your groin, neck, wrists, and temples to remain cold. On the other hand, having a cold shower does not just lower your body temperature but also improves blood circulation and invigorates the skin. 

3.Place a light bedding 

One of the most uncomfortable feelings in the world is to sleep while you are feeling hot and sweating. This worsens when you have a thick bedding, as you will find yourself tossing and turning all night trying to get cooled and comfortable to be able to sleep. So, to avoid this, you can opt for a lighter bed-sheet and toss away your blanket.  

4.Stay downstairs 

Have you noticed that the upstairs areas are hotter and warmer compared to the downstairs parts of the house? This is because warm air naturally gravitates to a higher area, so it is better to hang out downstairs more often and avoid staying upstairs.  

5.Plant trees and plants  

Plants and trees effectively give shade and cool air to the environment. For instance, a big leafy tree near your house can effectively lower down the hot temperatures as it gives shade against the direct heat of the sun. So, if you have, invest some for planting trees and plants.  

Final thoughts 

While it is true that it has become hotter nowadays, there are many effective ways on how to combat it, and following the tips we gave here will help you thrive under the heat of this summer